Carton rearranges the Zamalek cards before confronting the vulnerability leader


French coach Patrice Carteron, the coach of the first football team, began arranging the papers on the reinforcements for the next season, where he requested the consolidation of 4 centers in the team, and there are distinguished players, but the matter needs support in light of the pressure of matches, and the centers are the left and left and the right striker .

Carteron explained his requests that the center of the right defender suffers from the presence of Hazem Imam only with the lack of experience of Ahmed Eid and it is necessary to contract with a right back because the technical staff pushed Hazem Imam in several games with painkillers because his recovery was not complete and the absence of the alternative, and the same applies to the left-back center in which there is Muhammad Abdul Shafi, Abdullah Jumah and the duo suffer injuries throughout the season, and Cartieron also requested the strengthening of the outright striker position and the center of the defense, especially since the defender center includes Mahmoud Alaa, Al Wensh, Abdul Ghani and Abdul Salam.

On the other hand, Carteron decided to establish an extended camp starting today, to play the match of Al-Ittihad of Alexandria, which is scheduled for tomorrow, and continues until the end of the match between Al-Masry and Port Said, which was postponed between the two teams from the fourteenth round of the local competition, which will be held next Sunday, and enter the camp in Alexandria All Zamalek players are ready for the two matches except for the injured and the players who will be absent for suspension.

On Tuesday, the Zamalek exercises witnessed the five-team team Ashraf bin Sharqi, Mahmoud Alaa, Mustafa Mohamed, Mohamed Abdel Shafi and Ahmed Eid in the group training, after they underwent rehabilitative training after returning from Tunisia .. While Mahmoud Abdel Razek Shikabala, Mohamed Abdel Ghani and Abdullah Juma continued the qualification program in the club gym due to their absence from Al-Thaghr meeting, check and Friday for suspension, and Abdul-Ghani for injury, while the technical staff allocated an additional qualifying paragraph to Youssef Ibrahim Obama, the team player on the sidelines.


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