Carrefour offers Mother’s Day 2020 magazine and the strongest discounts and discounts on goods and products


We follow with you on our website the Carrefour Offers for Mother’s Day 2020 which comes that time loaded with many offers, discounts and gifts for the participation of all individuals Celebrating Mother’s Day, which comes every year on March 21, and everyone calls to buy different gifts in order to delight mothers the symbol of love, giving and sacrifice For the children, and therefore Carrefour company with all its branches seeks to participate in that joy by offering unparalleled offers and major discounts on all consumer, food and service goods for citizens.

Carrefour offers Mother’s Day 2020

Carrefour company used its various branches all over the country to provide more offers for every occasion, whether social, religious or otherwise, in order to inform everyone that they are with them behind any pressures or price increases, and always millions of followers are surprised by them with discounts and great offers Expected and published through its official page on social networking sites as well as through its well-known magazine, so that all offers are present to everyone, and remain in all branches throughout the duration of the offer or until the quantities offered.

Carrefour strongest offers

Carrefour in its magazine for the occasion of Mother’s Day offered great discounts on home appliances specifically for kneading machines, washing machines, dishwashers and screens, household utensils from blazers and dishes, etc., as well as discounts on gifts and accessories, personal care products, and women’s clothing and bags of all kinds.

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The company also confirmed the availability of offers for all who wish to purchase and benefit from the offers online, while giving more options in payment, whether by visa or payment upon receipt, provided that delivery of orders is free and on the same day for fresh food commodities.


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