Carrefour offers Egypt March 2020 and major discounts for Mother’s Day on all goods and products


We follow with you through our website Carrefour Egypt offers in March 2020, where the company offers all its branches major discounts for Mother’s Day on all commodities and products, which are known as Mother’s Day offers, and started from March 3 to March 15, 2020, and discounts and discounts on some products reach 50% of The value of the commodity, this discount is very large and benefits many consumers to buy all the necessary products.

Carrefour offers Egypt March 2020

Every year, all companies are accelerating and racing to offer offers and discounts to attract different groups of individuals on various occasions. With Mother’s Day coming every year on March 21, Carrefour company offers great offers on this day, to include discounts and discounts on goods and gifts that are suitable for It is a special gift for six sweetheart, including clothes, detergents, cosmetics, kitchen utensils and perfumes, so that the children participate in choosing Mother’s Day gift.

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Carrefour offers Mother’s Day 2020 and the coolest discounts and gifts for all goods and devices.

Carrefour Offers Magazine

Carrefour offers included wonderful packages of discounts and discounts offered by the company as a matter of course in its weekly offers, which are artistic in choosing carefully to suit many individuals, and they include a lot of consumer products, foodstuffs, daily commodities, cans, meats, sterilization and cleaning supplies.

The company allows individuals to purchase online for those who are not able to go in the period of offers and benefit from discounts and discounts, where orders reach homes with the possibility of paying by visa or payment upon receipt.


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