Cancellation of the largest 10 technical events in the world because of Corona .. Get to know it


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Cancellation of the largest 10 technical events in the world because of Corona .. Get to know them, today, Sunday 15 March 2020 04:24 pm

The new Corona virus hit the technology sector like other sectors, as international companies such as “Apple” and “Samsung” and other companies were forced to close their stores and change their production plans in China, which started the epidemic, in addition to postponing some activities and issuing products.

And due to the outbreak of the Corona epidemic in various countries of the world, it was decided to cancel the 10 largest technology conferences, held every year around the world, and it specializes in providing the latest and latest global technologies in the fields of phones, computers, industrial intelligence and others.

The “Erm News” website provides a review of the most prominent of those activities that have been announced canceled by the organizing authorities and countries, due to the Corona virus, as follows:

Mobile World Congress MWC

It is a conference that is considered one of the biggest technical events that take place every year, and every year it hosts the largest pioneering companies in the field of smart phones and telecommunications companies that display the latest innovations.

Apple Developers Conference WWDC

It is an annual conference for developers, in which the company usually announces its new versions of the operating systems of its devices, in addition to organizing special sessions for developers who come to the conference from all over the world.

Google Developers Conference Google I / O

The Google Developers Conference is one of the most prominent technical events every year, in which it announces the latest new hardware and software and various updates of its various applications and services.

Facebook conference for developers F8

It is the company’s annual event, in which Facebook announces its newness in everything related to its various products and services, which also includes “WhatsApp”, “Instagram” and virtual reality glasses (Oculus).

Microsoft Annual Developers Conference Microsoft Build

It is an event that is usually dedicated to announcing Microsoft software development plans and new technology in the coming period.

World Games Fair E3 2020

It is an annual event about the video game industry, attracting many developers, publishers and hardware manufacturers to introduce new games and related products.

Film and Interactive Media Conference SXSW

It is an annual conference for movies and interactive media, as well as music, and also includes video game events that are growing dramatically year after year.

Game Developers Conference GDC

The event includes interactive exhibits, award-winning shows in game development, lectures, and discussion sessions on topics related to games, covering programming, design, sound and production.

conference Nvidia GPU

It is a conference focusing on new graphic technologies, as well as applications of artificial intelligence and deep learning.

conference Google Cloud Next

It is a conference that brings together business people, business leaders and developers, to explore the future of cloud storage services, and how to open new business opportunities using this technology.


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