Canadian Integrity Center suspends doping detection program


The Canadian Center statement said that athletes should continue to provide information about their whereabouts and be under the command of the Canadian Doping Discovery Program.

On Saturday, the Russian Anti-Doping Agency said it had temporarily stopped detection of doping in response to government recommendations to combat the spread of the epidemic.

But the World Anti-Doping Agency (Alwada) warned athletes that even in the absence of doping procedures, the wrongdoers would be identified.

“If you are a cheater, we will definitely catch you … We will catch you,” Vita Woldold Banika, the head of Elwada, told Reuters in a telephone interview on Friday.

Banika said that in the absence of detection, Alwada will rely on other weapons in its arsenal to detect doping, including a biological passport, long-term analysis and investigations.

“The fight against doping never stops and this is the message I want to reach all athletes,” he added.

Last week, the head of the US Anti-Doping Agency warned that postponing the Tokyo Olympics might open the door for cheating athletes to compete for medals, and this is a problem that must be studied.

Alwada said it will adopt a new update in January 2021, but has told Reuters that under this change, there is nothing to prevent any arrested athlete from participating in the Tokyo Games if he completes the suspension period.

Panika stressed that despite the discontinuation of doping, Elwada has not cut its costs and is not planning to lay off anyone.

He continued, “Our financial position in relation to the current situation is completely stable.”


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