By 20% Huawei expects sales of its phones to decrease


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“Huawei” expected that its annual sales of smart phones will decrease by about 20% this year, which will be its first annual decline, as a result of the US sanctions on its business, and the rapidly spreading Corona virus, which has affected the manufacturing and retail sectors in China, may increase from Bad expectations.

“Huawei” shared its internal forecasts for 2020 in January between a limited number of managers in the Consumer Electronics division, and the decline in shipments “Huawei” stems from the weak sales expected in Europe and other foreign markets, after nearly a decade of rapid growth, and this decline results Because of US sanctions that prevent the Chinese company from using Google mobile services.

And last year, Huawei managed to increase its shipments of smartphones to more than 240 million units, despite the US sanctions imposed in May. As a result, Huawei has for the first time surpassed Apple, which shipped 198 million phones. This made the Chinese company the second largest smartphone maker in the world after Samsung.

Huawei’s sales of smartphones were not affected last year, because the company continued to sell some of its old models equipped with Google applications, but Huawei expects this year to drop its shipments to between 190 million and 200 million smartphones, and announced that it is difficult to predict The number of smartphones that Apple will ship this year, because the Corona virus has disrupted the manufacture of the iPhone.

Image source: Reuters

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