Buffon is not thinking of retiring!


Gigi Buffon speaks to Juventus’ official site and comments on matters related to his future on the field.

  • Buffon at a Juventus match (archive)

Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon confirmed today, Wednesday, that he will remain in the stadiums despite reaching the age of 42, as Buffon says he feels well, and he remembers the effort he made in his childhood to become a professional player.

“I will not stop playing because I still feel fine, and also because of my dreams since I was a child,” Buffon said. “At that time, I did not think that I could achieve what I had reached,” in comments reported by his team’s Juventus website.

The former Azzurian goalkeeper is present at his home, just like other Italian citizens, due to the state of emergency caused by the Coruna virus, and highlighted the importance of following the measures announced by the government to curb the spread of the epidemic.

“For those who live in the city in an apartment, it is complicated, but one must respect the other and obey the instructions they announce. This experience will bring us together more,” Buffon commented.

Buffon finished his 42th year on January 28th, and this year he returned to Juventus after a season in Paris Saint-Germain, a substitute for Polish goalkeeper Chesney, and has played 11 matches so far.


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