British Crown Prince, son of Queen Elizabeth the Prince Charles, infected with a virus


London – Emirates Sound

The British Buckingham Palace confirmed an injury Britain’s Prince Charles Charles He was infected with Corona virus, and the sources said that the results of the tests he conducted on Monday evening are positive of the tests that he conducted, and he is under isolation with his wife Camellia in the Scottish Moral And the British royal palace recognized that the son of the Queen of Britain had practiced several activities, the last of which was on the ninth of this month. He described his injury as light and that he is currently undergoing treatment. Prince Charles and his wife Camellia are over the age of 70, which makes any complications for his health difficult to handle. with her . Circles said Windsor Palace Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip are in good health and are currently residing in Windsor Palace near London. The sources indicated that Prince Charles is operating as usual, but from his isolation and is in good health and high morale.

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