Boston Marathon postponed to September and London to October due to Corona


The decision to announce the historic postponement of Martin Boston, which began in 1897, makes it the oldest in the world, after Governor of Massachusetts Charlie Baker announced a state of emergency on Tuesday in the US state, after a meeting between Boston Mayor Martin Walsh and marathon organizers.

“In matters of public health and safety, we take our guidance from officials charged with protecting the public in this field,” said Tom Grillak, Executive Director of the Marathon Organizing Committee.

The London Marathon organizers also announced the postponement of April 26 to October 4 for the same reason, according to race director Hugh Bracher who said: “The world is facing an unprecedented situation as it wrestles with a global epidemic of Covid-19 +, Public health is everyone’s priority. ”

He continued: “We know that this news (postponement) will be disappointing for many, from runners who have trained for several months, thousands of charities for which money is raised (through the race), and millions who watch the race every year.”

He continued: “We know that there will be many questions from contestants, charities and others, and we ask you to be patient with us while we work on the detailed plans for the London Marathon 2020 in the new deadline.”

Each of the marathons joined a long series of sporting events that were affected by the Corona virus and decided to postpone it or even cancel it around the world.


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