BMW introduces the 7 Series with its first platform and an electric drive system


12:51 PM

Sunday 29 March 2020

Munich – (dpa):

BMW has announced that the new generation of the luxury 7-class car will be the first model based on the new platform, which was developed by the German company to carry all types of propulsion systems, and the luxury car will abandon the 12-cylinder engine.

The German company explained that the seventh generation of the luxury car will be driven by the most powerful model with an electric propulsion system, which provides some advantages such as strong performance rates and higher torque and of course economic and quiet operation.

The German company stated that the new models based on gasoline and diesel engines will always be enhanced with a moderate 48-volt hybrid drive system, and that there will be versions that will rely on the Plug-in hybrid system.

The electric car is expected to rely on the same propulsion technologies as its iNext sister, which has a travel range of 750 km depending on a 110 kWh battery, as well as acceleration from stability to 100 km / h in


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