“Blinded by his mother, cut off his father’s fingers and died early” .. Sad moments in


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Thursday 12 March 2020

Books – Bahaa Hegazy:

“Are you coming, work?” This sentence that the great artist Mary Munib said to the young artist Adel Khairi in the play “Ela Khums” is one of the reasons for his popularity among the new generations, and you may have wondered about the reason for the disappearance of Adel Khairi, who provided an exceptional performance in this The work, described by critics as the culmination of his success.

The answer can be found in newspapers on March 12, 1963, which is the news of the death of the young artist, Adel Khairi, by cirrhosis of the liver at the age of 32, and his death shocked his fans and those who worked with him.

In this report, we monitor information about the artist Adel Khairy:

Adel Khairy was born in the Rod al-Farag neighborhood of Cairo Governorate on December 25, 1931.

He is the son of the great theater and cinematographer and the great poet Badi Khairi.

Adel Khairy married swimmer and athlete Enas Hakki, the world champion in swimming in Italy, and a passing manch.

Adel Khairy gave birth to 3 girls: “Abla, Azza and Attia”.

– Adel Khairy obtained a Bachelor of Laws, a Diploma in Islamic Law and a Diploma in Political Economy, and he was a lover of education, and he and his wife opened a law firm.

– Adel Khairy fell in love with acting during his high school, so he formed an amateur theatrical troupe and directed her to play “Decorated Fashion”. He participated in the acting team at the Faculty of Law, then the acting professionally performed the Naguib Rihani band, and he was the hero of her plays.

– And one of his most famous theatrical works, except five, if you were sweet, 30 days in prison.

Al-Rihani also directed several plays, alternating with artist Seraj Mounir and artist Abdulaziz Ahmed.

– The beginning of Adel Khairy in the cinema was in 1960 through the movie “Girls and Summer” in the first story directed by Izz al-Din Zulfikar, and the second movie “The Living Summit” 1960 directed by Niazi Mustafa, starring Salah Zulfiqar and Maha Sabri, and in the film played two roles (a man and a woman).

– His daughter, Attia, is a cartoon artist, cartoonist and director, his daughter Abla crossed the English-speaking manh, 13, and his younger brother Nabil Khairy was an actor in childhood, and when he grew up he became a director.

– Adel Khairy inherited from his parents diabetes, which led to his liver cirrhosis early, and in his late days he spent long periods in the hospital, and his friend, artist Mohamed Awad, was performing his theatrical roles in his absence.

– Liver transplant surgeries were not known at the time, and the artist Adel Khairy died on March 12, 1963 in Cairo, at the age of 32 years, and a technical age of only 7 years.

– His daughter, actress Attia Adel Khairi, said about his death in a press interview: “My grandfather’s house was not happy, but on the contrary, the house was very bleak. My grandfather was diabetic, which led to the removal of his ten toes, and he lived in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, and it was My grandmother, who is a relative, my grandfather is also ill with diabetes, and she lost her sight 3 years before her death, then my father died after that, after spending 7 years in the art world. “

– According to Enas Hakki, Adel Khairy was bored of staying long in the hospital and avoiding seeing his fans, so he decided to go to the theater once, and Mohamed Awad was playing his role, and after the show ended, he went to the stage from the scenes, and the room was filled with applause, and he cried with a standing ovation. The public was doing it, and he died days after this scene.


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