Biden reaches out to his opponent Sanders: Come defeat Trump


Source: Arabic.Net – Agencies

After winning three states in Tuesday’s Democratic primary, despite his previous criticism of his fierce opponent, he extendedFor potential Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden He reached out to Bernie Sanders on Wednesday, saying that “together they can work to defeat President Donald Trump in the November elections.”

In a speech to him after his victory, Biden considered that he and Sanders shared “a common goal.” “I want to thank Bernie Sanders and his supporters for their passion and their endless energy,” he said. “Together, we will defeat Donald Trump and we will unite this nation.”

Biden continued his speech to his celebrated supporters in Philadelphia and his wife, Jill, at his side, saying, “Tonight, we are the closest step to returning respect, dignity and honor to the White House. This is our ultimate goal.”

Easy win

It is noteworthy that the expectations of the vote had previously indicated that the former vice president easily beat Sanders in Michigan, which is considered the grand prize in this round in order to win the Democratic nomination for the presidency.

Sanders beat Hillary Clinton in this northern state four years ago, but preliminary results indicate that the moderate Biden outnumbered the left Senator by more than 10 points.

It is noteworthy that this is the third likely victory for Biden tonight after the states of Mississippi and Missouri, and the largest on this day of the primary which includes six states.

Biden and Sanders (Archives - France Press) 2
Biden and Sanders (Archives – France Press) 2

It’s not over yet.

Before Tuesday’s elections, Biden had collected 670 delegates, compared to 574 for Sanders.

But they still have more than half of the 57 primary elections, and the winning candidate must gather 1,991 delegates to ensure that the party is nominated.

On the other hand, employees of the Sanders campaign indicated that none of the candidates has yet reached the middle of the road to achieving this goal, pledging to continue the battle.

“More than half of the states in the country have not yet voted. No, it’s not over,” said Nina Turner, co-chair of Sanders’ campaign.


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