Beware of snacks for children … and these reasons!


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Mothers often resort to giving their children snacks containing pieces of chocolate, cake, or even canned juices or a piece of pizza or pastry, in order to give the pleasure of their livers the energy and nutrition they need, and contrary to the mothers ’belief, these additional meals may be the primary reason In obesity.

In a recent American study, she showed that the risk of eating unhealthy snacks or so-called “snacks” for children goes beyond just causing obesity.

The study, published in the beginning of this month in the American Journal of Health BehaviorK, indicated that some children get thousands of extra calories from eating “snacks”, and that some children engage in simple physical activities just to get food and drinks Sugary as a reward.

The researchers tracked the physical activity of students in the primary stage through 189 different games that included football and basketball and also tracked snacks whether throughout the day or after the games. And they noticed that 80% of the snacks that parents provide for their children contain sugars directly, and this percentage increases to reach 90% after exercise.

High calories

The study showed that the average child burns 170 calories while playing, and then consumes a snack that contains 213 calories afterward. Snacks also gain weight due to extra calories.

According to the study, the average child gets 26 grams of sugar as a result of drinks and preserved juices that are eaten after matches, which is more than the total amount of sugar that is supposed to be acquired on a full day, which is 25 grams according to medical recommendations, which explains the continued existence Obesity despite exercising.

Healthy meals
Healthy meals

Fruits and vegetables

The study also warned that parents can underestimate the simple amount of calories (43 calories) between what was burned and what was consumed after that.

The researchers advised the parents to make changes in the quality of snacks, especially those that follow regular exercises, and they emphasized that vegetables and fruits are the best source of snacks and the value in supplying the child with energy is no less than sugary drinks. Without adding any sugar.

Experts stress the need to change the quality of snacks and not to cancel them, especially as they have become part of daily behavior not only for children but for adults as well.


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