Between Ragheb Alama and Amr Diab … who is the highest-paid?


Artist Ragheb Alama solved a guest on the “Al-Sabah” program via the “Sky News Arabia” screen, where he responded to some news that has been circulated in the press and news websites, recently, regarding his being paid less than the artist Amr Diab.

The sign said that these news are nothing but promotions whose source is unknown, stressing that the value of the wages is known only to him, his business manager and the party that deals with him.He continued: “No one can deny the stardom of Amr Diab, nor can my artistic status be denied, and competition is a beautiful thing, and do not bother me, and if they play the competition, welcome and welcome.”

Ragheb confirmed that he listened to the song “Bint Al Jeeran”, commenting on it that it was a light blood song that he liked.

On the other hand, Ragheb Alama recently released the song “Khaterak Akhtar Ashtar”, in the Gulf dialect, from the words of Khaled Al-Muraikhi and composed by musician Dr. Talal.


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