Beirut Governmental Hospital: 6 new cases of coronavirus …


The Beirut Governmental Hospital issued the daily report on the latest developments on the emerging coronavirus, and it says: “This report includes the number of examinations that are carried out in the hospital’s laboratories, but not other laboratories. Preparing injuries on all Lebanese lands.

The report pointed out that the total number of cases that were received in the emergency allocated to the Corona during the past 24 hours: 220 cases, 22 of which required entry to the quarantine, while the rest adhere to the home quarantine.

The total number of laboratory tests: 202.

Negative results: 196.

Positive results: 6, five of which had previously performed tests in other laboratories and were included in the Ministry of Health’s morning statement.

20 people were present in the hospital, quarantined, after the result of the laboratory examination was negative.

To date, there are 9 cases in the quarantine area.

The total number of positive cases inside the hospital is 45 cases.

The situation of those with corona is stable, except for two, which are critical, and all of them receive the necessary care in the isolation unit.

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