Beirut Governmental Hospital: 11 new cases of corona were diagnosed, the number of injured rose to 52


The Beirut Governmental Hospital administration announced that “11 new cases of corona virus were recorded after conducting 202 laboratory examinations, with 23 cases in quarantine, bringing the total number of people infected with the virus to 52 cases,” explaining that “the teams of the Ministry Health and the International Red Cross are transferring some cases to the government hospital, “noting that” the situation of those infected with the virus is stable except for 3 cases, with one death recorded from the Lebanese nationality. “

The administration stressed that “On 5-3-2020, the Lebanese patient arrived at the hospital and was in a critical condition, and he was suffering from severe pulmonary infections, and he decreased pressure with a large rise in temperature, which led to cardiac arrest and the death of the injured, and the medical teams are giving the necessary medical treatments These treatments are approved by the World Health Organization, “noting that” more than 7 hospitals are preparing to receive the injured, and other hospitals are needed to enter the Corona treatment line.


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