Before a message of his support for her … Nicolas Gibran, the secret behind Asala’s fashion … including the “dress of revenge”


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Asala Nasri

Not long ago, she carries the support and love of Lebanese fashion designer Nicolas Gibran to his girlfriend, Syrian actress Asala Nasri, on the anniversary of her marriage to director Tariq Al-Erian, which ended several weeks ago with divorce.

The message of support reflects Gibran’s love of fashion for the singer, who is her favorite stylist, who is always dressed in looks from his signature.

They monitored the most prominent dresses that were starred by Asala Nasri, signed by “Gibran”.

“The dress of revenge” .. The first look after the divorce

In a dress carrying fuchsia, the Syrian actress Asala Nasri kidnapped the spectacle with her look, decorated with a belt on the waist, and a shiny tail, in addition to silver jewelry bearing the color of the dress, in her first ceremony after she announced her divorce, amid praise from the pioneers of social networking sites for “her elegance” and “Her brilliance,” and described some of her looks as a “dress of revenge.”

White dress in Saudi Arabia

She starred in a long and loose white dress, which was distinguished by that he carries shiny silver patterns, as well as long sleeves, and a “cap” exceeding one and a half meters, during her revival of “Some of my Turkish memories” during the Riyadh season held under the auspices of the General Entertainment Authority, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Last December.

Silk costumes striking in a Saudi party

She dressed in a silk dress in “purple” with a simple neck, with a velvet jupiter cap in velvet, and also depended on a simple hairstyle and a very calm makeup “Nora Bo Awadh”, during her concert in Saudi Arabia last December.

Gold cap dress

Last November, she shone a light brown dress, which was loosely fitted, with a medium-sized belt and an embroidered “cap”.

Blue dress in Britain

She was dressed in a light blue dress, which was distinguished as long and loose, as well as decorated with shiny lobes above the waist, signed by her friend, Lebanese fashion designer Nicolas Gibran, with her dependence on “smoky” makeup with the fingers of plastic artist Mohamed El-Haddad during her singing concert in the capital. British London, last year.

“Different” dress with tunes

Asala appeared during the ceremony with an “unconventional look”, dressed in an open-shoulder dress in purple, based on the puffed sleeves and puffy design, while reviving a huge concert accompanied by artist Angham, the skating hall in Kuwait, before the differences occurred between them.

Long dress in Dubai

Asala Nasri, the Syrian actress, caught her attention during her revival during her concert at the Dubai Opera House yesterday evening.

“Nasr” appeared in a long dress, which was distinguished by its blue and shiny color, signed by Lebanese fashion designer Nicolas Gibran, June 2018.

The separation of Asala and Tariq Al-Arian

Al-Arian used to publish a picture of his wife, his originality, after announcing the separation via “Instagram”, last January, and he wrote on it: “Unfortunately, we have reached an end. I will always respect this beautiful spirit and always respect it, the mother of my children forever.” This came after the singer announced their separation. In a post on “Instagram”, asking the public and the media not to “go into details of her personal life.”

It is noteworthy that Asala and Tariq Al-Arian were married in 2006, and the Twitter short blogging site has been leading the hashtag of “Asala’s divorce” during the past days, after reports that the Syrian singer Asala Nasri separated from her husband, director Tariq Al-Arian.


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