Because of the Coruna virus … a recommendation by the Spanish Federation to postpone all competitions


Panic over Corona Virus, Who hit sport recently, killed the ball in Italy, and he’s been sweeping the Spanish League recently.

The Royal Spanish Federation has proposed to the Corona virus ad hoc committee to postpone all football competitions to curb the spread of the virus.

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The official statement of the federation said: “We advise all federations in Spain to support this measure, and we invite the professional football association, the futsal football committee and the futsal players union to join the royal federation follow-up committee.”And the statement added, “All Spain competitions must be stopped, whether for men or women, in the next two weeks.”

And the statement continued: “This decision of the Royal Federation to ensure health and the integrity of the competitions, and we found that it is impossible to play football matches and trainings are held in specific cities or regions within the scope of our country, and it is necessary to take a delay measure.”

He continued, “All football matches in the country of any kind will be suspended for two weeks.”


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