Because of the Corona virus .. Google cancels the developers conference permanently this year


The American company, Google, announced that it will back down from holding its annual conference for developers via the Internet remotely this year and canceling the conference entirely.

Google said in an official statement on the conference website that, fearing for the safety and health of developers, employees and the local community, the company decided not to hold its developer conference this year in any way due to the outbreak of the Corona virus.

She added that she will continue to look for other ways to share updates with developers via her official blogs and discussion forums.

Usually, Google will hold a developer conference in May, and this year it will be held on May 12-15, in which Google will display the most important new features in the Android operating system and the rest of its various services, in addition to launching new devices.

Earlier, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft announced the cancellation of their developers’ conferences on the ground and their broadcasting over the Internet or postponement.


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