Because of Corona … Turkish filming stopped for two weeks


A final decision was issued by the Television and Film Art Authority to stop filming all series and movies in Turkey as a precautionary measure against the # Corona virus and to stay at home in order to preserve public safety.

And based on the decision, today the serial shooting of “The house in which you were born is your destiny” and “The hole”, which was to be filming a new episode of them, was stopped today. Dimit Ozdemir, the heroine of the series “The House You Were Born in Is Your Destiny,” published the decision via the Al-Asturi feature in her account via “Instagram”.

Yesterday, the Turkish actress Never Eiji, the heroine of the “Forbidden Apple” series, wrote on her account of “Tension”, expressing her anger at the continuation of filming the series in light of the spread of Corona virus, and she said: “While all this happens, photography continues.”

The tweet was well received by the followers and they agreed, and Eda wrote and wrote a tweet in which she said: “We are fighting everything including #kruna, there is no way to fight ignorance! At least I thank the conscious and conscientious people who I could not answer. Health and human rights “It is not a luxury, it belongs to every person and citizen. It is a right for 150 people who work day and night on photo sites.”

After the arrest warrant was issued, she welcomed that and published the statement on her Twitter account.


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