Banks will be temporarily closed until 29 March 2020 and will provide their customers with basic banking services … here are the details


The Association of Banks announced in a statement that, “In line with the decision of the Council of Ministers to declare a state of public emergency in the country, we announce that the banks will temporarily close their doors until 29 March 2020.”She indicated that during the temporary closure period, she will provide her with basic banking services, including a cash withdrawal service in Lebanese pounds from ATMs, provided that coordination is made with the Bank of Lebanon in order to secure the necessary banknotes, all payment cards are serviced according to what is currently approved for ceilings, and will also By renewing payment cards for current account holders, securing them for customers in their presence, securing the local salaries in banks in the clients ’accounts, and securing the withdrawal of these salaries through the ATMs.

In addition to securing cash in Lebanese pounds for companies and economic institutions in order to cover non-national salaries, and secure the service of communication centers in order to meet the urgent needs of customers.

She indicated that she will secure specific centers in each district to meet urgent commercial operations, in order to facilitate internal foreign trade operations, including deposits and cash withdrawals exclusively related to commercial and industrial businesses, in addition to securing treasury operations related to foreign trade (documentary credits and commercial transfers related to basic products, Especially those supported by the Bank of Lebanon).


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