Baniyas was not good in front of Khor Fakkan … and now thinking about the cup


German Winfried Schaefer, coach of Bani Yas, confirmed that his team was not good and did not make the offer that would allow him to beat Khor Fakkan, who was the best and outperformed the team.

Schaefer said: The host team deserved to win despite the absolute preference of our team in the first three hours, but the players did not take advantage of the opportunities that were available to them, and our players should turn this page and think about the next team’s match in the semi-final of His Highness the President’s Cup against Al Dhafra, which takes the bulk of Interest in the corridors of Baniyas.

Schaefer pointed out that he is not concerned about the position of his team in the league, in response to a question related to the approach of Khor Fakkan more than ensuring his survival, and continued his speech after the end of the cup semi-final match will be for every accident.


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