Bahrain’s Hind reveals her recovery from Corona and leaves the hospital


After the actress announcedBahraini IndiaInfection with Corona virus three days ago after returning from Barcelona, ​​Spain, to Bahrain, revealed yesterday that she had left the hospital where she was placed 4 days ago due to her infection.
Hind posted a video through the “Story” feature on her page on a social networking site, showing the moment she left the hospital, where she was very happy.
Hind had previously posted a video during her exams before she went out and wrote explaining: “My result followed a negative sample yesterday. Praise be to God, God willing. This is after a negative aspiration to confirm and concluded we go to the house. Pharynx .. This sample is not painful but disturbing .. And God willing, it looks negative because whoever took it came out negative, so you can confirm and take it today and if negative I go home .. So your calls O group look negative because they say to me in people they have a negative and two positive dimensions and God willing what I will be Who are these people? “
Hind also mentioned: “I thank all the people who said to me, A thousand praise be to God for safety before anything, and I have nothing, even they did not give me medications, because there are no symptoms like hotter or other, I am fine.”


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