Average time of incubation of the Coronavirus and when the person is contagious – website news – follow-up


A new study by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health indicated that the average incubation period for the new Corona Virus “Covid 19” is 5.1 days, but that does not necessarily mean that symptoms will appear clearly during this period, according to the site “Sky” News. ”

Where 181 confirmed cases were infected with the new coronavirus, and concluded that the average incubation period for the disease is 5.1 days, and it showed that 97.5 percent of those infected with the virus will have symptoms within 11.5 days.

The validity of the disease can be validated during the current two-week quarantine period as the optimal time for isolation after exposure to the suspect.

The incubation period differs from the period during which the person may be infectious, and the time taken for initial exposure to infection is often referred to as a latent period of the disease and this may be shorter in time than the incubation period.

While the stage at which symptoms of the disease appear is often considered the most transmissible stage, for example in the period of coughing, it is unclear when a person with the new coronavirus becomes contagious, but there is evidence cited in the new study that indicates that the underlying disease period It is shorter than the incubation period, but it is not known exactly how much the infected person was infected during the incubation stage without symptoms.




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