Automobili Pininfarina unveils a 2.9 million electric car


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At the Geneva International Motor Show I promised an industry company Luxury sports cars German automobili Pininfarina, presenting a car

Super beauty for the beauty of 1874 horsepower and a torque of 1696 pounds per cubic foot. Unfortunately this year the Geneva fair was canceled due to the spread of the Corona virus (COFED 19) in the world, but the German company is based in the city of
Munich, Germany, decided to unveil the new car on the Internet as “Batista Invercario”, which is priced at $ 2.9 million.

The Motor Trend website specializing in car issues indicated that the German company decided to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the famous Italian car design center, Batista.
She named him on this model, which only intends to produce 5 of them, as part of a plan to produce 150 cars bearing the name Batista from a different version.

The new car is powered by an electric motor on each of its four wheels with a carbon fiber frame and a 120 kWh battery.

The new electric car can reach a speed of 60 miles per hour after just 1.9 seconds of launch.

And the battery range reaches 311 miles before the need to recharge, while the top speed reaches 217 miles per hour, and there are also 5 cooling units to maintain the degree of coldness
Everything is in the car.

These cars will be manufactured in Turin, Italy, while the sporting attributes inherited from Benevarina will inspire design ideas with some properties that reduce
air resistance.

Inside the cockpit, the seats are covered in luxurious black leather alongside the black Alcantara inlays, with many commemorative signs including Batista’s signature on
The steering wheel, and if the limited edition 2020 of Pininfarina Batista Invercario is expensive that amounts to $ 9.2 million, then there is the standard version of Batista cars that sell for only $ 2.5 million.

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