Australian “Qantas” stops all international flights during March


Sharjah 24 – AFB:Quantas, Australia’s largest airline, announced Thursday that it will give two-thirds of its employees unpaid leave until at least the end of next May, and will halt all international flights this month, to follow the example of its competitor, Virgin, which preceded it in taking this action due to a virus. Corona Novelty.

Quantas has indicated that it will suspend all international flights by the end of March, the day after the Australian government requested its citizens to refrain from traveling abroad, and invited travelers currently to return quickly to their country, as part of unprecedented measures to reduce the spread of the virus.

The CEO of the company, Alan Joyce, pointed out that the efforts to contain the outbreak of the Corona virus led to a huge decline in the demand for travel, which the company had never seen before, adding that the company decided to give 20 thousand of its 30 thousand employees unpaid leave until the end of next May.

He added that the decision also includes the low-cost airline, “Jetstar”, a subsidiary of Qantas Group.

The number of people infected with the disease in Australia reached more than 500 people and the number of deaths 6 people, but the number of patients continues to rise daily and most new cases are for travelers who have returned to the country, or for people who have been infected.


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