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Brad Hazzard

Hospitals in Australia are preparing for a wider spread of the Coronavirus with the announcement of the Minister of Health in New South Wales that containing the spread of the virus has become difficult now after fears that the virus has spread from infected people in an elderly home to children who visited the home last month.

New South Wales Minister of Health Brad Hazzard announced today that it is now difficult to contain the Coronavirus after 55 cases in Australia have been infected, 22 of which have been cured, while two people have died.

Health authorities in New South Wales are verifying that no children have been infected with the Banksia Cottage Childcare in Macquarie Park who had visited a Dorothy Henderson Lodge on February 24th, which is where three infections and one of the inmates’ deaths were recorded as a result of the virus. .

The nursery is 300 meters away, and they are both in a circular area, about 2 km from the Ryde Hospital where the doctor works, who picked up the infection, and Macquarie University, one of whose employees was also infected with the virus, even though he was not at the university.

The Minister of Health said that the authorities are still working to contain the spread of the virus, but he expressed concern that this is no longer possible.

Hospitals and health centers in Australia are preparing for the worst, with the Australian government announcing today a ban on the arrival of travelers from South Korea as well as those from China and Iran and tightening procedures for arrivals from Italy.

“In an emergency like ours, there is a plan to respond to any public health threat,” said Dr. Malik Sukkar, director of Epping Private Hospital in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

She added that public and private hospitals are now working together to share responsibilities and exchange medical care for patients in order to make room for any wider spread of this emerging virus.


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