Atallah announced that he would cover the full cost of the examination for the Koreans


Representative George Atallah announced, in a statement, that “as a continuation of the campaign” Kora without Corona “that he launched since the virus began spreading, it bears” the full cost of examining corona in the hospitals of Koura for any Korani who needs to be examined according to a doctor’s prescription. ”

He pointed out that he “sent more than thirty thousand text messages to the Koranis who wish them health and invite them to adhere to the homes,” placing his office number “at the disposal of all the children of the country to communicate and announce any assistance they need.”

He called on various local bodies, including municipalities, NGOs and clubs, to direct their visitors, especially those in need, to benefit from free medical examination in the region’s hospitals, which he coordinated with their departments on his initiative.


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