Astronomer Maya Hazim reveals Sunday’s forecast for letters


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The astronomer Maya Hazim revealed Sunday’s forecast for the letters according to the movement of the moon and the planets, as they depend on the character’s characterization (water, fire, air, dust) and their compatibility with the location of the five planets and with the two sunnies and the moon only:

* The Moon: Gemini has a total chance:

25 negative.

* The Sun: With Pregnancy, Total Luck

+25 positive.

* Venus: A bull, total chance:

+44 positive.

* Saturn: with a bucket. Total chance:

+22 positive.

* Mercury: with Pisces.

27 negative.

* Mars: Capricorn is positive, total moment:

+ 3 Positively ..

* Buyer: Seriously.

12 negative …

Sunday predominant (watery):

* The first letter is the most important thing that we rely on to know the secrets and mysteries of the names: It was also said that the Holy Qur’an secreted Al-Fatiha and Al-Fatiha its secret is by the Basmalah and the Basmalah its secret is by the B ..

Here are the predictions of letters for Sunday, March 29, 2020, according to the nature of the letters and planets: Please mix with the names predictions by numbers to get the best results:

* Letters: (A, E, I, M, P, U, Y)

The strongest signal for Sunday is water, so these fiery letters may weaken their effect during the day, just as starting with something new that seems inappropriate and they will not agree with their surroundings because of their nature and the speed of their anger .. The best way to strengthen their energy is to wash with water, drink water and reduce speech.

* Letters (b, f, j, n, y, t, z)

The strongest indication for Sunday is for water. These earthy letters have a very suitable day for them .. they correspond with others who seem happy and speak a lot and the emotional and material fortunes are the best .. healthy their day to heal and they have to eat sweet fruits and colored vegetables such as carrots and peppers.

* Letters (c, g, x, k, s, w, z)

The strongest signal for Sunday is for water, as these aerobic characters increase their nervousness and mood, as they tend to inflate things and have times to lie, perhaps or to alter information, and they may fight with those around them and their day is not suitable for movement .. To reduce negative energy on them by drinking juices, water and immortality for rest and sleep during the day ..

* Letters (d, h, l, p, t, x, g)

The strongest indication for Sunday is for water, as these characters are the most fortunate of all times, and they can use their day with things that benefit them and they are a good aid to others as they enjoy attractive and positive energy .. Their day is suitable for change in appearance and caring for beauty such as cutting hair as well as packaging the place.


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