Astronomer Maya Hazim reveals forecasts for Sunday’s horoscopes


Emirates News special:

The moon travels at night in the first hours of Sunday around 1:35 GMT, to the (Air Gemini) tower, and from that time the actual effect of the shadow of the Gemini Moon begins, where its shade is soft on humans, with which the activity, vitality, movement and speech increase, and we feel a need to change our usual and routine places … For everything new and we have the speed to complete the work .. Always with the Gemini Moon, rumors abound and the transmission of information and news .. People tend to be sociable and cheerful, excel in gathering information for later use and giving it a new shape ..

The moon moves from the status of haqa to the status of (al-Hana’ah) in the morning at 10:55 GMT .. and Hana is in Gemini a happy windy state that indicates the beginning and opening of all businesses and with it we receive great acceptance of our initiatives and to consolidate relationships and increase love and find emotional happiness as well as we can take new steps and make decisions Mission .. The newborn and his moon are like the graceful auspicious, the ten best luck, and the biography has the luck in his life and gets a lot from what no other male or female gets.

Half-angle angle of 30 ° between Uranus and the moon. It carries surprises of all kinds. Its timing starts at noon at 13:14. It continues until 18:20 GMT. The surprises are its address, and they are positive, and because Uranus is a bull, it is materialistic and matters of new discoveries push us to adventure and strange humorous behaviors .. as well and because of the presence The Moon with Gemini There are surprises for international news and what relates to information that is healthy. It benefits all constellations and the most useful for the least: Gemini, Aquarius, Taurus, Sagittarius, Cancer, Pisces, Virgo, Scorpio, Lion, Libra, Capricorn, Pregnancy.

Horoscope predictions


You have a special day during which you will not feel bored or routine that restricts you and touches that more than yesterday .. You can start your personal plans so the presence of the moon in Gemini gives you an openness in your relationships .. Communicates more and receives extended contacts and speaks and writes messages as you make close transfers where you appear active and optimistic and live the renewal .. Take care of your close surroundings … your mood is 85%.

Passion: Today you are dealing positively and smoothly, and you can overcome any disagreement and accept any other party’s point of view .. The best partner during your day is pregnancy, bow, virgin, bucket, cancer, Gemini, bucket and balance.

the Bull

You have a day of profits and material gains, in the presence of the moon with Gemini, which makes you feel comfortable and financially supporting you .. Tend to rest and entertainment and buy what you love..If you also want to pamper yourself and set aside time for rest and relaxation..just beware of your words and when you transfer information there are surprises that may happen .. your mood will be 75%.

Emotion: This period is more emotional luck, so I advise you to show positivity in your thinking and during the day you have new developments .. The best partner during your day is cancer, lion, scorpion, whale, bull, capricorn, balance and virgin.


After the reversals of the past days, you have a special period where you are most fortunate and full of activity and optimism, and you find that everything is going in your favor because of the moon’s transmission to you, so your chances increase, and personally you exercise attractive attraction and show positive with your dealings .. The position of the moon makes your life easier, your words are open, your mind is open and your curiosity is positive. Your mood is 90%.

Passion: Your day has stability in your emotions and looks attractive to others and you hear words of flattery and admiration, so you can increase your confidence in yourself … The best partner during your day is pregnancy, balance, lion, Gemini, Capricorn, bucket, bow, virgin and scorpion.


Astronomy on this day causes you to have some adverse reactions so that tension increases and tend to grumble and intuition becomes fear and looks more depressing..Do not worry or insist on pessimism and try to get away from people and negative or charged atmospheres..Minarily you need to be alone and arrange your thoughts..You get confused with confusion and find answers to your questions. Moon feature reduces the severity of the situation starting at noon .. your mood is 65%.

Emotion: Conditions are okay, but they are not the best .. you may deal nervously during the day and may create problems and do not like anything .. And the best partner during your day is serious, scorpion, virgin, cancer, bull, whale, bow and bucket.

the lion

Your chances are the best during the day, where you feel psychological relief .. You are full of energy and intelligence and you have opportunities in many aspects and your confidence is high .. You care about your form and your well-being and study the way you talk and raise your status and register a social presence with your intensive communication .. Share the times with friends .. You also have material benefits As good as increases .. your mood is 85%.

Passion: You have a day of renewal, communication, friendship and be admired, and the news delights you … and the best partner during your day is Libra, Aries, Gemini, Bow, Bucket, Capricorn and Lion.


A good day, and in general, the period undergoes new changes, especially that Mercury is your planet in the ally Pisces, which gives you an end to all your crises, near material and emotional ones .. During the day you care about the matters of living, buying and details of things .. You seem eloquent with your words and your star is loved and you find all acceptance from others .. As people trade your news these days, your mood is 70%.

Emotion: Astronomical developments make you a rebellious person and your hostility may appear dramatically .. Your day holds some minor obstacles caused by temporary reversals and solutions may be delayed .. The best partner during your day is cancer, the virgin, scorpion, whale, bull and Capricorn.


You have an important day, so luck is alleviating you after days of fatigue .. It contains a break of routine and a lot of opportunities and the reason is the position of the moon .. It makes you optimistic and feels free and able to renew .. This is a period that is suitable for communicating with external parties and to get to know new people as well as relationships support you .. Your mood is 85% .

Passion: Today you are an attractive star, you receive good news, live a routine regeneration, and perhaps meet a strange person … and the best partner during your day is Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, Bucket, Lamb, Pisces, Lion, Taurus and Virgin.

The scorpion

This day you have to be flexible and practical and do not scrutinize everything, especially the details .. Your sensitivity increases, you cannot accept cash and you lack flexibility and your middle solutions .. Astronomy makes you impulsive and gives you more energy to complete all work in a short time and supports you in terms of health and money .. Just pay attention to your expenses and expenses and not be wasteful Your mood is 70%.

Emotion: Your situation is OK, and on this day, there may be some inconsistencies that require you to be flexible in dealing with you. You should consider this to make your day smooth … The best partner during your day is Scorpio, the Virgin, Cancer, Aquarius, Pisces, Pregnancy, Taurus and Capricorn.

the bow

After a difficult period, it was clear that there are opposites that tired you … You will find this day your satisfaction and your alliance with fortunes and things will be better and feel that with the transmission of the moon to Gemini where you are active and positive as you appear participant continues to be more attracted to everything that helps you and achieve you balance and harmony where you spend a fun time .. your mood is 85%.

Passion: You live in a beautiful atmosphere and your conditions seem stable today and your class disturbs nothing and shows more interest .. The time is right for romantic matters .. The best partner during your day is Libra, pregnancy, Gemini, bucket, bow, bull, Capricorn and Lion.


You look more optimistic at the beginning of the day, and you have a promising new physical condition due to astronomical changes .. If there is some fatigue in the later period of the day when the responsibilities are many and you feel some physical fatigue..Do not burn your nerves and pay attention to health..Try to find a time to rest and sleep and reduce your focus on seeing details Who is wasting your time … your mood is 70%.

Passion: The astronomical feature of the moon gives you chances of something new, as your worries pass away. Only be able to absorb the second party .. The best partner during your day is scorpion, pregnancy, cancer, ox, virgin, Gemini, Pisces and Capricorn.


A positive period with distinction for several reasons, the most important of which is the presence of the moon in Gemini … your attractiveness and your chances increase doubling and during the day you will love renewal and openness in your relationships as you use social communication and you can depend on luck … a good time to complete close tasks such as shopping what interests you and doing your homework and feel that everyone needs you. Your mood is 85%.

Emotion: conditions are good, which makes your emotional fortunes wonderful and tend to live your feelings freely and your emotional activity is high .. The best partner during your day is lion, pregnancy, cancer, bucket, bow, bull, balance and gemini.


A day not without your responsibilities that appear before you starting in the morning due to the moon’s transition to Gemini..Additional expenses and developments regarding your personal properties .. Be busy and distracted and you can hardly trust anything and there are concerns and family problems .. You may need to remember the past to escape from your present. But your Mercury makes you better … your mood is 70%.

Emotion: You seem cool feelings, and your emotional life may not give you attention, which raises the anxiety of the other side if you are linked. The best partner during your day is cancer, the virgin, the lion, the scorpion, the whale, the lion, the capricorn, the ox and the Gemini.


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