Aston Villa expresses disappointment over the behavior of its leader


Source: London – DBA

English club Aston Villa has expressed great disappointment with captain Jack Greelish, who has been sanctioned for leaving his home despite the order from the British government.

On Monday, Grelish, 24, admitted on social media that he felt very shamed after he had to leave his home to meet his friend over the weekend.

The club stated: Aston Villa is very disappointed that one of its players ignored the government’s order to stay home during the Corona virus crisis.

The club expressed happiness that the player agreed that his decision to leave the house was wrong and totally unnecessary.

The club confirmed that the player did not adhere to the government’s very clear guidelines, which must be respected by everyone.

The club indicated that the player would be disciplined and fined, as all the fine would go to Birmingham Hospital.


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