Artist Abdullah Bushehri is prohibited from photographing in Corona Stone


The artist apologized Abdullah Boushahri, for his fans, about interacting with them during his time in quarantine, which he has been subjected to since his return from Iran, as a precaution for fear that he might be infected with the Coronavirus.

The apology comes despite the fact that throughout the first days of his detention, Bushehri has been publishing video clips, revealing his latest health developments.

The artist said, through his account on “Snapchat”: “I apologize for filming,” explaining that this was due to “orders he received.”

Two months ago, Bushehri announced that he had been released from quarantine, which was seized inside, and that he had gone to a second, safer quarantine.

Bushehri appeared in a video posted on social media, and he is happy and says: “Thank you to all the people who blessed me for my exit, and today I am going from one quarantine to another quarantine.”

Show that after a few days, the result will be released, and if it does not contain a virus Corona, will leave the stone, asking his fans to pray for him.

Abdullah Boushahri began his artistic career in 2004, as he participated in the series “Dunia Al-Qawi”, after which he participated in a children’s play called the “Academy”, and he also participated in a “video clip” with the artist Jassim Al Nabhan. His actual debut in 2005 was with the series “The Bastard”.

Abdullah Bushehri performed dozens of television and theatrical works, and in 2011, he went through the experience of presenting the program, as he presented a program called “Forza” on the channels of justice and patriotism.


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