Arsenal coach with Corona talk about his experience and feelings of fear



Arsenal coach with Corona talk about his experience and feelings of fear


                    JOHN SIBLEY

The Spaniard coach Michael Artita urged Arsenal soccer fans to stay home to curb the outbreak of the new Coruna virus.

Arteta made statements to the official website of Arsenal, after confirming his feeling of “complete recovery” from the virus, which he had infected and which he had discovered about two weeks ago.

He said: “I started experiencing some symptoms when we received a phone call from the club to tell us that we might be exposed to the virus because of the Olympiacos owner. We had a match the next day against Manchester City, so I made a decision and contacted the doctor immediately, I said: We have some players at risk, There is a great danger looming. ”

“The symptoms were very clear, so if this was the case, all the players and people associated with the club who communicate with me on a daily basis are at risk, we should have spoken to English Premier League officials and Manchester City, the decision should have been taken very quickly,” the England coach added. .

Artita described his experience with the disease: “I went through difficult days, during which I suffered from symptoms including high temperature, dry cough and discomfort in the chest. My illness caused me to feel” fear of its spread. ”

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He concluded by sending a message to the public: “We should try to help the National Health Service as much as possible, we must give the opportunity to the elderly who need this more than anyone else to get the treatment they need, we have to slow down the process and reduce the virus, so please stay at home”.

The 37-year-old Artita was confirmed shortly after the discovery of the injury of Evangelos Marinakis, owner of the Greek Olympiacos club, who had mixed with Arsenal players during the two European league matches.

Source: “Wakalat”


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