Are the English Premier League players prevented from returning to their homes? – Lebanese Forces Official Website


According to press reports, there are new solutions seeking to resume the current season in the English Premier League again, in light of the outbreak of the “Corona” virus emerging.

The major clubs are keen to end the current season, even if the remaining matches are held without a public presence, due to the outbreak of the new Coruna virus. According to the Sun newspaper, premierleague stars may be prevented from returning to their homes and forcing them to live together, in order to bring football back in June.

This ideal proposal aims to have all the Premier League players live in different places together, with no chance of returning to their homes until the end of the season, in order to isolate the team as one unit, to prevent the virus from spreading. This solution is expected to be applied for a period of 6 weeks, to end the Premier League on July 12.


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