Arab drama faces the issue of extremism in Ramadan 2020


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In line with the events witnessed by the world and the Arab region in particular recently, the issue of confronting terrorism and confronting extremism tops the list of interests on the map of Arab drama this season.

This comes as a belief in the impact of art, drama and its prominent position in shaping the minds of young people in particular and all viewers in general in fighting specific phenomena or promoting them, which prompted the makers of drama in Egypt and the Arab countries to harness dramas to confront the phenomenon of terrorism.

Egypt presents a number of series during and during the month of Ramadan The series “The Choice” Which deals with the life story of the thunderbolt legend Ahmed Saber Al-Mansi, the commander of the 103th Brigade Battalion, who was martyred in the ambush of the “Burth Square”, in the Egyptian city of Rafah in 2017, while responding to a terrorist attack in the Sinai, provided that the work shows many social and humanitarian aspects in the life of the late hero , from championship Amir Karara, Ahmed Al-Awadi, written by Bahir Dowidar, directed by Peter Mimi.

From the Gulf production, the second part of the series “Breakthrough”, which is intended for display on a number of Gulf channels, revolves around terrorism and its effects on societies, through the story of a doctor who finds himself involved despite his nose within a terrorist group, directed by Mohamed Lotfy written by Talal Al-Sidr and starring a number of Arab artists lead by artist Ahmed Eid from Egypt.

In Tunisia, the Tunisian artist Amir El Dureidi began photographing the Tunisian series “27”, which some consider to be the largest Tunisian war dramas, written and directed by Yousry Bouasida, and depicts the Special Forces of the Tunisian army in combating smuggling and terrorism, and Prince El Dureidy plays the role of one of the heroes of this unit, He is exposed to a difficult situation that turns all business events upside down.

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As for the Moroccan TV, it announced in advance the preparation of a religious war series, through which it publishes the values ​​of tolerance and confronting extremism, as the Anti-Terrorism Service in Iraq, affiliated to the Ministry of Defense, revealed its intention to contribute to the production of a TV series to confront “the remnants of ISIS” in Iraq and urged citizens to courage in the face of terrorism. .

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