Arab artists comment on the “Corona” virus outbreak


The new Corona virus has become a modern world, especially with its widespread outbreak, and with no official vaccine available so far, to become fertile material on social networking sites, as well as among a number of artists in the Arab world.

The coronavirus has recently canceled a number of Arab stars, including the most prominent of them The concert of Lebanese singer Elisa in Iraq, Which was to be held on the 20th of March, coinciding with the celebrations of Nowruz holidays, as well as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s suspension of all the singing sessions for the season of “Smakers of Thumama”, in compliance with the preventive measures that come in conjunction with the spread of the “Corona” virus, so how did the stars comment The Arab world on “Corona”?


Emirati artist Ahlam has commented on the crisis of the rapid spread of the new “Corona” virus in a number of Gulf countries, including Kuwait, the Emirates, the Sultanate of Oman and Bahrain, in addition to Iran and Iraq.

She tweeted through her account on Twitter: “Oh God, this disease is a soldier of your soldiers that you inflict on whomever you want and spend it on whomever you want.

Kinda Alloush

The Syrian actress Kinda Alloush commented on the fear of the outbreak of the new epidemic of Corona in various parts of the world, which called for many precautions from governments.
Alloush said on her Twitter account: “If I take precautions related to sterilization and additives in any case … but I do not have the mania, panic and horror of corona.”

Nicole Saba

Lebanese actress Nicole Saba has taken measures to prevent Corona virus by wearing a medical mask.

The singer and actress shared a picture of her wearing the muzzle, and she wrote with her: “Prevention is the best treatment, and there is no need to frighten, distract.”

Ragheb Alama

The Lebanese artist, Ragheb Alama, devised a new way to shake hands, amid the increasing spread of the new Corona virus around the world.

Alama, through his account on the social networking site “Instagram”, shared a funny video of him, shaking hands with his broadcaster, Michel Abu Suleiman, with feet and sending him a kiss on the air.

Ragheb Alama commented on the funny passage: “Corona Days”.

Ragheb Alama on Twitter also asked, “If the corona viruses and their sisters are it anger from God? What happens in the globe is inevitably the anger of nature over a person who destroyed the environment, humanity and values ​​for money. Anger of nature is one of God’s anger! He turned to protect nature, which is a gift from God? Or will he wait for new anger every year?

George wasouf

Like Ragheb Alama, the Syrian singer raised a warning during the condolences of his mother, not to kiss, fearing the transmission of “Corona” infection.


The Lebanese actress Elissa criticized the Lebanese government for not issuing an official decision to suspend flights from Iran, after announcing the spread of the Corona virus, which is emerging in it.

Elisa tweeted denouncingly on her account on Twitter: “Our country is rude, I cannot find a word that expresses more than what is happening. Even if the injured were coming from the Vatican, they stopped the journeys from there !! Corona gets caught between this world! Above all this, all rude, tell us no reason to panic! “

Najwa Karam

Lebanese actress Najwa Karam created a situation of controversy inside Lebanon because of her statements regarding the emerging Corona virus.

In a video interview conducted with her for the Lebanese “Al-Jadid TV”, Nujoom Karam said about her concerns about the virus: “We have immunity … and junk in the country kills all bacteria coming from abroad.”

Haifa Wehbe

She defied the Lebanese artist, Haifa WehbeThe new “Corona” virus, in a new and different way, and through her official account on Twitter, asked Haifa Wehbe her followers, saying: “Which song from my songs would you choose to sing while washing your hands? Prevention of corona by hand washing can be fun, by challenging #haifavscorona” .

Global infections with the new coronavirus, which first appeared in central China at the end of last year, exceeded 100,000, and the deaths amounted to more than 3,400 deaths, but the number of those recovered also reached 55,000.

While most cases were registered in China until the middle of last month, the The disease has spread Acceleratedly in different regions of the world, injuries exceeded 6.5 thousand in South Korea, and about 4 thousand cases were recorded in Iran and Italy, along with hundreds in about 80 other countries.

A number of countries in the Middle East, Europe and some American states have suspended the study, in part or temporarily, in addition to canceling many public events and events.


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