Apple stores suffer shortage of iPhone parts due to corona virus


iPhone Battery

Today a new report from Bloomberg news agency released that Apple has informed its employees of a lack of iPhone parts due to the impact of the corona virus outbreak on all sectors, including the technology sector.

According to employees at Apple stores, whose names have not been released, Apple has warned its technicians that the alternative iPhone components used to repair damaged iPhone phones will be available in limited numbers during the next two or four weeks. In addition, Bloomberg news agency reports that some Apple stores lack the components to repair their customers’ iPhones.

Wherever possible, Apple will replace the damaged components in customers ’phones, but in some cases, Apple will offer the customer a replacement iPhone if its iPhone is beyond repair.

Apple has already restricted its employees’ travel to China, South Korea, and Italy. The company also requires its employees to hold remote meetings. Apple has already reopened 38 stores in China knowing that in total, it has had to close 42 stores. And it was reported recently that the company is looking for another factory to supplement the production of its wide-angle cameras used in the latest iPhone 11 Series phones.



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