Apple is preparing to launch a new iphone 9 plus .. Find out about the price and specifications


The technical 9to5Mac website revealed leaks about the intention of Apple’s older brother iPhone 9, which will be named iPhone 9 Plus, and runs the new operating system iOS 14.

It seems that the repercussions of the Corona virus crisis will not end in causing losses to the American Apple Company, after it postponed the launch date of the iPhone 9 due to the stop of its factories in China. .

The iPhone 9 Plus will be one of the best flagships phones that you can buy at a reasonable price, and it will also feature a feature that was not present in previous devices, which is the Touch ID button instead of Face ID technology. It is expected to come with a 5.5-inch or 6.1-inch LCD screen.

According to the cnet technical website, the iPhone 9 expected to be released together shares many of the same specifications, such as water and dust resistance (IP68), support for Bluetooth, WiFi 6 and LTE networks, along with photo and video features such as night mode, Quick Take and Deep Fusion.

IPhone 9 Plus prices will be more than $ 100 more than the regular versions, meaning that the iPhone 9 Plus has a 64GB storage capacity of $ 499, and a 128GB version for $ 549.

It is worth noting that the production of iPhone phones will not improve until the second quarter of this year 2020, due to the outbreak of the Corona virus and the low rates of manpower in Chinese factories supplied to the famous American manufacturer.

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