Apple expands mouse support with iPadOS 14


Tuesday 10 March 2020 01:30 AM

Window on the World – Apple seems to have offered mouse support to iPad OS 14, Apple added some compatibility with an external mouse as an accessibility setting in iOS 13, but 9to5Mac has detected a code indicating that mouse compatibility may be the standard that starts with iOS 14, iPadOS 14.

For the most part, the

Extended mouse support will bring the cursor features known to Mac users on iOS, but the cursor may automatically disappear when mouse or trackpad activity stops, according to 9to5Mac reports, there may also be other gestures for the Mac OS, such as two-tap to right-click.

Last month, rumors began to circulate that Apple’s keyboard cover for the next-generation iPad may come with a trackpad, and these rumors indicate that iPadOS will be better at supporting mouse-style inputs.

These new findings indicate that both the external mouse compatibility and the iPad cover equipped with the new trackpad may be ready in the near future.

Source: Al-Wafd


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