Apple announces the reopening of all its stores in China


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Apple has decided to reopen all 42 retail stores in China from today, a company spokesman confirmed to Reuters and Bloomberg, in a clear indication of China’s control of the global pandemic caused by the Corona virus.

Apple closed all its stores there in early February during the height of the outbreak, when China suspended travel and travel in the country, in an attempt to slow down the outbreak of the Corona virus, and reopened it gradually over the past few weeks.

The move comes after the company’s CEO, Tim Cook, said in an interview with “Fox Business” two weeks ago “I feel like China is controlling a virus Corona, “he continued.” Look at the numbers, they are falling by the day. So I’m very optimistic over there. ”Cook pointed out that Apple suppliers are reopening factories, in another sign of an improvement in the situation in China, according to the website“ fool. ”

The company stated that the closure of stores in China was the main reason why it was forced To reduce expectations About its quarterly earnings last month.

As the situation in China begins to improve, Apple employees are likely to be infected elsewhere, as the virus is spreading all over the world, and this week the company closed all 17 of its stores in Italy, after the government announced a full ban.


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