ANSA officially announces: the drug is ready to eliminate Corona virus


The Italian agency ANSA has officially announced the development of the first drug that attacks the Corona virus, to eradicate it, as it is based on a monoclonal antibody and is useful for identifying the protein that the virus uses for the sake of attacking respiratory cells.

The Italian news agency said today, Saturday, that the research was published on the “BioRxiv” website by the Dutch University of Utrecht, headed by researcher Shonian Wang.

It may take months before the medicine becomes available because it must be tested in order to obtain answers about its safety and efficacy with patients with coronavirus, researchers added to the BBC.

And the research stated that by binding to the Spike protein on the surface of the Corona virus, it prevents the monoclonal antibody from binding to cells and in this way it becomes impossible to penetrate the virus for it to reproduce.

For this reason, he added, researchers are convinced that antibodies have important potential “for the treatment and prevention of Covid-19”.

The Italian agency explained that the researchers were already working on an antibody to “Sars” when the “Covid-19” or “Sars2” epidemic exploded, and they realized that effective antibodies against the first disease could prevent the second as well.

The researchers confirmed that studies are still underway, and that the antibody must undergo very strict tests.

The researchers hope to persuade pharmaceutical companies to manufacture the new drug, stressing that this will allow the development of a vaccine against the emerging virus.


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