Announcement and then backtracking … How did education cause confusion?


10:54 PM

Monday 23 March 2020

Books – Osama Ali:

Not a few hours have passed since the talk of the Minister of Education and Technical Education, Dr. Tariq Shawqi, and officials of the Ministry to amend the schedule of secondary and preparatory exams, and to halt the executive procedures for the preparatory certificate exams. Until the ministry returned to deny the minister’s statement and the deputy’s decision.

The minister started his daily schedule this morning, with a statement he wrote on a group of parents run by the ministry, when the guardian of the Ministry of Education asked to amend the high school schedule, preparatory certificate, and other certificates to facilitate students in this exceptional year. “We did this,” the minister wrote, commenting.


This coincided with another procedure. The Ministry issued today, Monday, an official letter issued by Dr. Reza Hijazi, Deputy Minister of Education for Teacher Affairs, stating that the implementation of the preparatory certificate examinations, in light of the circumstances the country is currently going through, is being issued regarding instructions to confront the spread of a virus. Corona Novelty. “

The letter said that, due to the interest of the Ministry in the interest of third preparatory students, it was decided to suspend the executive procedures of the prep exams.


Although “Masrawy” obtained a copy of the letter, we were keen to make phone calls to Khaled Hijazi, Director of the Education Directorate in Giza, and Taha Ajlan, Director of the Directorate of Education in Qaliubiya, who confirmed that the decision had already reached the directorates of education. And that it reports suspending the announcement of procedures for the preparatory certificate exams, including the date of the start of exams, or the way students will take the exam, until returning to the Ministry, in anticipation of issuing new instructions.

Negating the hadith of the morning

Hours after the media published news about the speech and the minister’s statement, the ministry returned to issue two consecutive statements, to deny the letter of freezing the exam procedures and the statements of the Minister of Education published on Facebook, in repetition of previous facts, in which the ministry contradicted and announced and then denied.

In previous facts, Dr. Reza Hijazi, Deputy Minister of Education for Teacher Affairs, said in important statements during a session at the Parliament’s Education Committee last December that the Ministry was considering modifying the admission procedures for the 120,000 teachers ’competition, but the Ministry returned and denied the statements immediately after it.

Before that, the Ministry announced a decision to cancel the high-level pilot schools, and then quickly reversed the decision, and implemented it in a new form under the name “Connect Plus”.

On a fifth time, the Minister of Education said that the cumulative system will be applied to the secondary school starting from the current year, but he retracted his statements, announcing that it will be applied to the second and third grades secondary, then he also retracted these statements.


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