Angham’s divorce from her husband Ahmed Ibrahim .. The famous distributor decided to return to his sons ’mother and sends a sad message to the singer” Far Distant Corner “


The summary

After sparking the controversy after announcing the marriage to the artist, Angham, the distributor Ahmed Ibrahim returned to the top of search engines, after returning to his ex-wife and mother of his children.

As distributor Ahmed Ibrahim wrote on his Facebook page, “On the International Women’s Day, a tribute to the faithful great who safeguarded my home in my absence, I knew the value of the birth of the origins, my wife and the mother of my children,” which sparked controversy over confirming his separation from Angham.

And on Monday morning, Ahmed Ibrahim published a picture that compiles him with melodies, and wrote on it saying, “The six I have loved and everyone knows and does not accept any offense to her or bidding on my love and appreciation for her, we bear nothing but your longing and your transgressions and your disrespect for our privacy and distort our love and you were ours and even this The moment you analyze and decide for us, accusing Lea and slander of seeking fame as if you were a beginner and accusing her of ruining my house falsely, today is impossible to provoke or be a party against it or against her interest, and my words of my gratitude and appreciation to my children and her role with them I repeated in more than one meeting, not the first time and ready to build her To bear it, too, is pressure Awesome, affection does not offend the music to the contrary is respected de Villa. ”

Ahmed Ibrahim continued, “I and Angham were happy for the last moment despite your cruelty and I was still with the most beautiful love, and we succeeded overwhelming success in the work I wish I would repeat it, if we appreciated the dimension, then it will not change my feelings need, on the contrary, it will increase and my respect for it is reserved, more than 17 years distinguished in my work is not He knew me only after my marriage to her because she is a great star that will not be repeated, and her fans will support me a lot .. I hope our Lord increases her beauty and success and makes her righteous.


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