Angham takes on the challenge in her first appearance after separating from Ahmed Ibrahim


After announcing her separation from the music distributor Ahmed Ibrahim, the actress Angham decided not to go into hiding and looked at the audience through a video clip that she published on her Instagram account, revealing her acceptance to participate in the challenge launched by the stars in the name of the challenge of goodness.

The main idea of ​​the Goodness Challenge was to help people affected by the current widespread Corona virus, which is classified as a global epidemic from the World Health Organization, so that the artist Angham is among the stars who accepted the challenge, as she said in the video:

“I have accepted the challenge of Amir To’eima, and, God willing, I will sponsor 80 families, and challenge Yusra, Ghada Abdel Razek, Ilham Shaheen and Hani Farhat.”

Within 24 hours, the clip of Angham’s first appearance after her separation from her husband received more than 400,000 views, and she thanked her fans for her thanks and gratitude for her participation in the challenge.

It is worth noting that Angham never appeared during the last period and the news of her separation from Ahmed Ibrahim was kept confidential and she did not talk about details regarding the subject, but according to close sources, press reports stated that the matter had already happened and the separation was officially done.

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