Anderlecht cuts off his assistant coach due to the financial consequences of the Coronavirus


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Belgian soccer club Anderlecht announced the dismissal of its assistant coach, Bar Zetterberg, for financial reasons due to the suspension of matches due to the new Corona virus.

The club said in a statement that it dispensed with the 49-year-old assistant coach, due to a decline in his financial revenues due to the stoppage of sports competitions in the country and around the world, in light of the “Covid-19” outbreak.

He pointed out in a statement to “professional football, as well as many economic fields, facing major challenges due to + Covid-19,” saying that the latter “caused a huge economic impact on the club,” which crowned the hero of the local league in his country in the past three seasons.

He continued, “So we are trying to fortify the club in the short term so that it can defend itself better in the face of the great losses resulting from the suspension of the league (…) And that is why we had to separate from the Bar Ziterberg, which we will continue to mention as a giant in this club.”

Former international Ziterberg has played more than 300 games in a shirt that has gone through during two periods spent in his ranks as a player, one of which spanned more than ten years (between 1989 and 2000).

The new Corona virus imposed almost complete paralysis in various sporting events around the world, and prompted the postponement of major dates due in the summer, especially the European Football Cup Finals. While the European Union confirmed to the game (WIFA) that this postponement will allow the national championships to complete its competitions this season, it is feared that the stoppage of competitions and that for a temporary period of time, will cause significant financial losses for many clubs, especially due to the decline in TV broadcasting revenues.

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