And reduce them to the wing of humiliation from mercy. Thus, the star Sherihan celebrated Mother’s Day.


Celebrated The big star SherihanOn Mother’s Day, citing a verse from the Noble Qur’an calling for the righteousness of the parents, as she wrote through her account verse 24 of Surat Al-Israa, which says: “Reduce the wing of humiliation from mercy and say the Lord, have mercy on them as well as Rai.”


The star, Sherihan, used the supplication as well, to remove God from the epidemic and protect the country from the Corona virus, and wrote via her account on Twitter saying: “I seek refuge in God from leprosy, madness, leprosy, and from the poor in the sick, oh the sick, the sick, the sick, the sick, the sick.” With the same pride, I staged a sit-in in the Lord of the Kingdom and trusted in the undying neighborhood.

The star Sherihan regained her memories during the presentation of the play on Mohamed Ali Street, in front of the late star Farid Shawky, and filming Fawazeer Ramadan, “Needs and Needs”, by publishing a picture of her stealing 10 minutes of sleep, during the presentation of the comedy play, confirming that these days were one of the most beautiful days of her life.

Sherihan, via Astory Instagram, published the picture of her as she slept inside her room in the theater, telling her story, saying: “I was asleep for 10 minutes while showing the play on Mohamed Ali Street, despite all the exhaustion and tiredness so much, but these days were one of the most beautiful days of my life, because I I was feeling happy by your happiness“.

Sherihan revealed: “This picture was about two weeks before Ramadan, or at most a month. Nowadays, I was showing the play of Mohamed Ali Street, and after the daily show I go immediately to the Egyptian TV to photograph the puzzles of needs and needs, I had dozens of minutes that I stole to rest and continue in The work, including 10 minutes, was in this picture, which I do not know who photographed it during the show, and I slept in my room, specifically before the last scene of the first chapter closing“.


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