An unknown virus kills about two thousand people in Ethiopia


Ethiopia lives in moments of terror, anxiety and anticipation after a large number of them experienced mysterious symptoms and an undiscovered disease that caused them to bleed from the nose and mouth before they fell dead.

The Ethiopian people are in a state of panic and dismay after many of them were subjected to an unjustified death, due to a mysterious disease that has not yet been discovered!

As for the symptoms of this disease, according to what is reported (dailymedicalinfo) it is represented in: the shift of the whites of the eyes to yellow, the palms of the hands to yellow, bleeding from the eyes and the nose, swelling in the body, fever, loss of appetite, loss of appetite and loss of appetite

It was noticed that this deadly disease spread in the villages near one of the natural gas projects, which is owned by a Chinese company .. The project is located in the Somali region in Ethiopia, which exposed many of the residents around it to the symptoms that were mentioned before they died deceased!

This company, which is specialized in research and exploration of oil and natural gas, may be the epicenter of the epidemic, as all doubts are directed to it, and that the hazardous chemical waste resulting from the company causes poisoning the water supply … and these toxins may increase more in the rainy season and this is the likely cause of the epidemic. .

Statistics indicate that many of the victims have fallen dead, since the beginning of the establishment of this company’s work site in Ethiopia in the year 2014 .. It is estimated that there are about 2000 deaths of different ages, according to the accounts of the residents living around this region!

According to a report by the British Guardian, she received and heard many complaints about death cases in the region, during her visit to this region and the gas field.

She also said that this company uses chemicals that may harm the health of citizens and residents .. This is a continuation of the series of viruses and mysterious diseases that appear in the region .. which are unprecedented .. But there is no concrete evidence of these accusations so far.

The nature of Ethiopia’s land, climate, and lack of awareness and culture among its inhabitants, which prompted them to not care about proper and effective prevention of these diseases .. All this made Ethiopia a fertile environment for embracing epidemics, viruses, and strange diseases … such as yellow fever, chikungunya disease, and cholera.



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