An expert similar to the epidemic of the Corona virus with the Black Swan


Stanislav Kosarev, director of the Institute of Information Technology at Synergy University, said that Naseem Taleb likened the SK epidemic to a “black swan” in terms of suddenness

Illustration, photograph: iStock-ross1248

And its big consequences.
Kosarev said: “The Black Swan” is a theory of the American writer and economist Nassim Taleb, who studies rare, difficult-to-predict events that have a massive impact and require new explanation. In the end, they are simple. Practice has shown that no one can predict crises (and this is what Assumed by the theory itself), although experts all over the world always try this.
Unfortunately, the explanation for the declared epidemic will add fuel to the fire further and spread terror among the people. The developed countries have begun to reconsider their forecasts for the growth of their economy. And the current Corona virus is a real “black swan” described by Nassim Taleb, in his book – an unexpected event that has major consequences. .
He added: “We can conclude that the process of adjusting the indicators of the growth of the Russian economy will likely be reduced. Our financial system has sufficient resources to overcome these difficult conditions.”


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