An awareness message from Haifa Wehbe about the Corona virus through this challenge


The Lebanese star was launched Haifa Wehbe A new challenge after a virus outbreak Sk Under the name #haifavscorona, she wrote on Twitter: “Prevention of corona by hand washing can be fun by challenging #haifavscorona.”

Haifa’s challenge is to sing a song to Haifa while washing hands and posting the video with the above tag.
The instructions for the challenge are as follows:
The first step is to photograph the same person washing his hands and sing a Haifa song for 20 seconds, and the second step is to put the hashtag #HaifaVsCorona, after which Haifa will republish the videos that participated in your challenge.
The Haifa Challenge was very popular with fans who were quick to shoot videos and share them on Twitter under the hashtag launched by Haifa.

“Boss Wawa” video invades the Haifa challenge

Among the most circulated videos is a video that shows a number of children washing their hands on the impact of Haifa’s famous song, “Boss Al Wawa”, in addition to many songs, most notably: “Tota Tota, filled with all people, Farhana, and others.” Participation in the challenge varied from person to person.

Kinda Alloush comments on Haifa’s challenge

This was the Syrian actress Kinda Alloush The first person from the Arab world to comment on the challenge of Haifa, as she indicated in her tweet through her account on “Twitter”: “By God, I don’t digest from Haifa Wehbe.”
With this, Haifa Wehbe will be the first Arab artist to launch a fun challenge to prevent Corona virus and to sweep him on social media.

Haifa Wehbe

It is reported that the last challenge on social media was the challenge launched by the international singer Dolly Parton That spreads an incoming Instagram post that combines four different clips from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Tander.

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