An appeal from the mayor of Al-Haddat …


Al-Hadd Mayor George Edwar Aoun made the following appeal:My family and my dear ones .. The precious children of Haddat and all the dear ones residing there ..
It is a terrible human catastrophe unprecedented in our modern human history. Countries of the world that boasted of their social, scientific and technological progress and development found themselves almost impotent in front of an invisible virus. Injuries in hundreds of thousands and victims of tens of thousands. Billions of people have left their homes and vacated the streets, factories, airports and supermarkets, as if the world had turned off their engines.

Lebanon and the precious border are not an exception or immune to what affects the whole world. Public mobilization, voluntary stone, closure, stopping activities and life appearances have become our daily reality. Commitment to preventive measures, and if our weapon is the strongest and most effective in confronting and killing the deadly virus, this commitment has catastrophic consequences and consequences for the poorest families, for those with limited incomes and for sick people, and everyone depends on daily work for their livelihood, which is added to the general economic and social collapse that The outbreak was preceded by the virus, increased poverty, poverty and destitution. My message and my appeal to my family, my dear friends, and dear residents .. Apart from the fact that safety and saving lives are a priority, social and human solidarity is our most effective way to fortify collective commitment. How can we ask or force a hungry poor person to stay in his home unless we get up and help?

Moreover, how can our humanity, our morals and divine teachings (Christians and Muslims) allow us to clear our eyes and consciences about the hungry, widowed, needy patient and the head of the family who is confused in making arrangements for the livelihood of his children ???

Your municipality is doing what the duty and conscience dictate to it. May God preserve it and help it to meet the needs it can in a town with a population of more than 120,000. It remains to be great hope for your humanity. My hope in you is that the hero in you be more heroic, the generous is more generous, the benefactor is more charitable, the compassion is more compassionate, the mercy is more merciful, and the charitable one is more charitable. Brother is more brotherly to his brother and neighbor is the best neighbor to his neighbor and good kind is more good and virtuous … I cry out your conscience, for every fate among you is known as the rule of neighborliness and one of the families or individuals in need .. hasten to extend the hand of good and giving ..

Owners of supermarkets and food stores, pharmacies, owners of generators, doctors, service providers, owners of leased buildings, you are more capable than others, I appeal to you, especially as you sacrifice for the sake of your loved ones and your wider community, nothing more and nothing less than satisfies your conscience, so do not delay in providing what you are capable of, for it is God has a deed to count for you.

The wealthy and the few you have among us. It is time to lend you the sky, so don’t miss the chance. Give your money directly to the needy. Donate to charities you trust. Church, priest, mosque and sheikh if ​​you like.

My prayers and supplications join them to the prayers and supplications of each of you so that the days of our ordeal are numbered and this nightmare ends and we return to our lives, and until this moment comes, I return and please and swear an oath to abide by your homes and observe the rules of social separation. Other than that, we deplete our heroes and commandos in medical teams, ambulance teams, security forces, and the municipal apparatus, including police and guards, for each violation is a knife in the heart of these. May God protect you, individuals and families from all evil and hatred. Show us your good faces soon, and this black cloud has passed away from us. “


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